My Beef with Veteran’s Day

Candice Shea Maxwell
3 min readNov 11, 2021


Alright, don’t at me. You’ll get through this I swear.

A lot of people in America do not know this (because they’ll take any excuse to throw a BBQ), but Veteran's Day began in 1919 when November 11th was proclaimed a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson. But why the 11th?

The 11th of November was chosen because on November 11th in 1918 a truce was made between Germany andthe U.S which kicked into motion the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the end of World War 1, which at the time was seen as “the war to end all wars”. This armistice supposedly went into affect the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month. Pretty cool right?

At the time it was not proclaimed Veteran’s Day though. It was Armistice Day. The holiday was celebrated with parades, the closing of businesses at 11 am, in recognition of that powerful day. It was officially recognized by Congress in a passed resolution in June of 1926.

So how did it become Veteran’s Day then? Well, 30 years later the U.S fought in World War 2 and Korea. Congress decided to keep the holiday on November 11th, but it was renamed Veteran’s day in 1954 by Presdient Eisenhower.

Veteran’s Day is nowmeant to celebrate and honor all veterans of all wars. Today this means businesses closing for the day, free parking, local parades, free food for Veteran’s at certain resutrants, and a slew of Facebook posts.

This all sounds pretty respecftful and kind, so why would I have a beef with Veteran’s Day? (Without even looking at how poorly America treats Veteran’s) I don’t have a beef with the ENTIRE holiday. It’s the businesses closing that makes me prickly. How is closing a bank for the day honoring Veteran’s? How is closing schools honoring Veteran’s? Do you really think a Veteran wants to hang out with their kids on their day off? NO.

They want to run errands they never get to run, LIKE THE BANK, and eat their free meal, and relax. I love that it is a day of honor and even going back to the original concept of businsses closing at 11 am would be better, but personally, I only think Veteran’s should get Veteran’s Day off.

Still have your parades, at 6 PM like all the other parades on a working day. Still provide free meals. But telling Mark who never faught in a war that he gets the day off because the ENTIRE BUSINESS is closing supports only Mark and the employees like Mark. It haults local flow of businesses and personal obligations like paying bills.

I used to work for a Credit Union that got this concept. Why would we close on Veteran’s Day? We aren’t Veteran’s and by closing we disservice those Veteran’s who may need to bank.

Am I alone in this?



Candice Shea Maxwell

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