I like Wednesday.

Candice Shea Maxwell
1 min readAug 13, 2020

27 Offbeat College Essay Topics according to a random Pinterest article I found…Let’s do this.

How do you feel about Wednesday?

You know, I actually really like Wednesday. It’s halfway through the week, which means I can start my “it’s almost the weekend” count down. A sold we are getting somewhere, but have a wee ways to go left midpoint.

Wednesday is the day my work peer partner and I do our collaboration day so we get shit done and we brainstorm with our creative noggins, which I enjoy. We spend at least two hours making it happen.

Taylor Books serves my favorite soup on Wednesdays. A thick, flavorful Tomato Bisque. I bought two freezer bags full of this soup to eat after my surgery in July. And I still want it every week.

I also like the name Wednesday. It is unique and reminds me of a girl who could equally be called Juno or Coraline. It reminds me, as it should, of Wednesday Adams, a true icon to the oddball girls like me. The ones who just want to watch men who say ‘you should smile’ burn in a dumpster fire.

Wednesday is pretty cool.



Candice Shea Maxwell

“And if I see you, how it changes me. And if you see me, how it changes you.” — Andrew Bird