Alfredo Chicken…but not what you are thinking

Candice Shea Maxwell
2 min readNov 9, 2021

So a few months ago I got a strange idea. Couldn’t tell you where it came from, but I know it started with my love for wings. I told my grill king husband, Matthew, that I wanted to try grilling wings that had been…and here's the kicker…been slathered in spices, pesto, and alfredo sauce. And they were DELICIOUS.

I actually make phenomenal alfredo from scratch, but weirdly with this, we go with good ol’ canned alfredo from the shelf and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently, because good non-frozen wings are hard to find (the flats of course) we started doing this with chicken legs. Slather them in spices, pesto, and alfredo sauce and popping on the grill.

Grill on direct heat for about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the drumsticks. Flip every 10 minutes or so. Cook until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches at least 165° Fahrenheit.

I don’t grill and my husband does things by feeling like myself so I looked that up for you. You’re welcome. 😉

You can eat them with a number of sides. Vegetables, fries, but we typically have Kraft Cauliflower mac and cheese for our side with this dish. (Which by the way, is only 350 calories for half a box and adds a smidge of veggies to your dinner. That’s 100 calories less per serving than the regular Kraft mac.)

Let me know if you try it and like it or if you have used other odd sauces for grilling meat like this.

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