20 Insequiential Pieces

As mentioned last week I am doing a writing challenge I found on Pinterest. This prompt was to make a list of 20 facts about yourself. I apologize for the forthcoming string of consciousness you are about to endure.

My last name used to be Holliday. That got old really quick. I was born with fewer ribs than others. Did you know men and women actually have the same number of ribs? The Bible lied to you and I’m a freak. My favorite authors are Tana French, Holly Black, and Madeliene L’Engle. I prefer liquor over beer, ale, or wine any day. I’m a major Harry Potter nerd. I am currently wearing a Hufflepuff crop sweater and a Hufflepuff sports bra. Is that technically two facts? Who can tell. My favorite cookie is macarons and I will spend a stupid amount of money on them. I co-own a tea business that grows the only tea being farmed (that we know of) in West Virginia. This is one of my biggest passions in life. I own over sixty board games and I have played all of them except two. I have an upper denture and it makes me insane. I was so small in highschool I had to drink Ensure. (5'3, 110, and anemic.) My blood pressure was so low in my youth I was encouraged to eat more salt. I hate salt. I’ve had long and lovely conversations with both Mark Harshman and Homer Hickam. Major inspirations. I was born in North Carolina. We moved to West Virginia when I was in 5th grade. I have moved houses almost 20 times in my life. I have an army of Squashmallows. My house is decorated with nerdy stuff, concert posters, and unique West Virginia art. I have a black Syrian hamster named Ambrose. My favorite food is Brocolli Casserole. I get roughly 15 minutes of deep sleep a night according to my smartwatch. I have a deep disdain for the texture of cotton balls.



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Candice Shea Maxwell

“And if I see you, how it changes me. And if you see me, how it changes you.” — Andrew Bird